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Group Care Facility Services

Florida Department of Health in Seminole County Environmental Health

Child Day Care

Day care facilities which provide care for 5 or more children unrelated to the operator are inspected by the Department of Children and Families. They review general sanitation of the facility, food hygiene practices, water supply, sewage disposal, garbage disposal, infection control procedures, and general safety. There are approximately 140 day care facilities in the county.

Family Day Care centers that provide care for less than 5 unrelated children plus up to 5 additional after school children are not inspected by our department. Day care facilities are licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services except for some church affiliated day care facilities. The Dept of Children & Family Services phone number is 407-245-0470.

Foster Homes

Foster homes receive a general sanitation inspection by our department on first licensing and at the annual renewal upon request by the licensing agency. There are several different agencies that license and place children in foster homes.

Group Residential Facilities

There are a variety of special care residential facilities which provide housing, food, and one or more personal services to unrelated individuals for more than 24 hours. These facilities are inspected once each year. Food service in some of these facilities may be inspected up to 4 times a year.


Private and public school facilities are given a general safety and sanitation inspection twice each school year. We have over 115 schools to be inspected.

Assisted Living Facilities

General sanitation and safety inspection of these facilities is conducted annually. Food hygiene is inspected quarterly. There are approximately 52 Adult Living Facilities in Seminole County.

Nursing Homes

General Sanitation and Safety inspection are conducted by the Agency for Health Care Administration. The phone number is 850-412-4301.

For more information please visit the Florida Department of Health Group Care Facilities Website.