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Onsite Sewage and Disposal

Florida Department of Health in Seminole County Environmental Health

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Florida Department of Health Onsite Sewage Program Forms and Publications

Operation and Maintenance
Proper operation and maintenance of the onsite system ensures efficient service and prevents repairs.


  • Inspect sludge level every year (residential) possibly more frequently if using a garbage disposal unit

  • Pump your tank every 3-5 years

  • Install an outlet filter in the septic tank (systems installed after 1998 should have one)

  • Know the general location of the system

  • Divert drainage away from the system

  • Monitor water consumption

  • Monitor disposal of cleaning products, medications, and food discards

  • Limit laundry (no more than 1 load/day)

  • Limit the use of additives

  • Use low volume plumbing fixtures

  • Routinely check plumbing fixtures for leaks


  • Allow solids to build up in the septic tank

  • Skip routinely scheduled maintenance

  • Exceed design flow of the system

  • Over saturate the drainfield area

  • Do all the laundry for the week in one day

  • Use more water than the system was designed to accommodate

  • Use kitchen garbage disposal units

  • Flush bulky paper products down the toilet

  • Allow chemicals to enter the system

  • Plant trees in the immediate area of the drainfield

  • Park cars or drive vehicles over the drainfield area

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