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Pools, SPAS, and Water Attractions

Florida Department of Health in Seminole County Environmental Health

Central Florida has become a major world vacation center. People enjoy our sunshine, beaches, swimming pools, and water attractions. The purpose of the Swimming Pool program is to assure that the citizens and visitors in Seminole County have a safe swimming environment. This has become a major program in Seminole County. As of January, 2005, we have over 545 permitted swimming pools, spas, natural bathing areas, and water attractions. One of the newer features is the Interactive water activity - various types of fountains that people can play in. All of these facilities are inspected at least twice a year to assure:
  • Proper disinfection of the water

  • Chemical balance of the pool water

  • Filtration equipment properly maintained

  • Safety equipment is maintained on site

In addition, natural bathing areas must submit monthly bacteriological water samples for laboratory analysis during the bathing season.

Pools & bathing areas are regulated under Florida Administrative Code 64E-9. This program does not include the many private swimming pools in our community. Apartment complexes and condominiums are included.

Unfortunately, with so many pools, bathing areas and the numerous lakes around, water safety has become a very important program. Too many times, children and adults have become victims of drowning. Please see our Drowning Prevention Guide.

For more information on Drowning Prevention, visit the Florida Department of Health Drowning Prevention webpage.

Waterproof Florida

For more information on Drowning Prevention, visit the Florida Department of Health Swimming Pools webpage.